Author: Corin Wray

During a video interview with CNBC|Yahoo! Finance “Off the Cuff”, Founder & CEO, Jim McCann discusses history from purchasing one single flower shop in Manhattan in 1976  and embracing 800 vanity number service to the recent success utilizing social media technology to mimic the relationships the company had with its first 30 customers, decades ago.   By CNBC – Off the Cuff

Co-host Kathleen Hays discusses the history of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and how the company harnessed technology to grow from an 800 vanity number to a web and mobile hot spot. During the interview McCann notes “it’s back to the phone again only now it’s a smart phone and the access modes are changing and evolving again.” Additionally, McCann explained to Hays and Quinn that Mother’s Day is the most important and busiest holiday of the year for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. To further McCann touched upon the…

Founder & CEO Jim McCann explains to host Pimm Fox and fellow guest T3 CEO, Gay Gaddis that Mother’s Day is no longer just to about your mom, it’s a time to celebrate all the moms in your life. In addition, McCann and Fox discussed the importance of social and mobile for today’s consumer shopping experience and allows “customers to act on their thoughtfulness much more easily.”

Host Pimm Fox interviews Founder & CEO JimMcCann during peak Valentine’s season, highlighting that the brand will sell 7 – 10 million rose stems for the holiday. Additionally, McCann discusses the importance of the company’s successful operations during the peak season to ensure the world’s freshest flowers and products deliver smiles for the holiday.       

Founder & CEO, Jim McCann discusses Valentine’s gift trends with co-host Dennis Kneale – specifically floral arrangements beyond the standard long stemmed red roses. McCann explains that gifting for the romantic holiday is no longer seen as a discretionary spend and instead is a growth holiday.    

With the uncertainities of the fiscal cliff looming over the upcoming holiday season, host Neil Cavuto discusses the issue CEO & Founder Jim McCann and Modell’s CEO, Mitch Modell. McCann explains that despite the direct impact felt by Hurricane Sandy, the company expects strong holiday sales – especially for the gourmet food and gift basket brands.  Fox Business Network “Cavuto” Video